2021 Summer Trends for Your Nails

Beach days and barbecues are here again and summer is HERE! And you know what that means… New nail trends for summer!

It’s time to let your winter nail polish colors hibernate and break out the nail polish remover, to get your hands ready for fun summer styles! It’s the perfect time to revamp your style and make a splash, and that includes your nails!

Ready to jump in on the latest trends for summer this year? We went ahead and rounded up the prettiest summer nail trends that you’ll be seeing all over Instagram, at the beach, and in your community!

Keep reading for the cutest summer trend ideas for your nails, from timeless neutrals to funky abstracts!

ombre skin tone brown nail polish strips -  summer nail art trends for 2021
neutral gray nail polish strips - summer nail polish trends for 2021

All the Neutrals

While bright, fun colors have historically been the go-to for manicures in the summer, word on the street is that neutral colors will be all the rage this spring/summer season. Full of browns, whites, and other earthy colors, having understated, neutral nails seems to be the go-to now. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to forsake your favorite bold hues forever – Summer 2021 will just be a perfect opportunity to explore what neutrals can do for your look!

abstract art nail polish strips - summer trends 2021
marbled pink and blue nail polish strips - summer nail polish

Be a Little More Abstract

Having abstract designs on each nail is a trend that emerged in winter 2020, but has stuck around and only grown in popularity with the passing months! With each nail having fun, individual designs, you’ll be able to bring back some 90s style with a new flare. Utilizing the abstract design trend also gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality through designs that you pick out. Express yourself this summer with creative and eye-catching abstract nail art!

glitter pink nail polish strips - summer trends 2021
sparkly pink nail polish strips -  nail polish trends for summer 2021

Pink, Pink, and More Pink!

Pink is the new black, and we couldn’t agree more! It’s a timeless color, with enough variety to fit any style, and we are ready to embrace it. All kinds of pink nails are going to be a go-to for this 2021 summer season. Glitter, pale, neon, matte, you name it! Pink is back and ready to take over the nail world. Get ready!

daisy nail polish strips - summer trends 2021
cow print nail polish strips - summer trends 2021

Unique Takes on French

French manicures are a staple on the simple and softer side of nail art, but think again! Why stick with simple white when you could incorporate glitter, bold designs, and colors into your french manicure? Express yourself and with a unique take on a classic this summer, which is sure wow. 

At Home Nails

Quarantining at home throughout 2020 forced many people to learn how to do their nails at home. With salons closed, we all had to become pros at giving ourselves a manicure. Because of this, doing at home nails has become increasingly popular, and seems to only be gaining popularity! Beauty magazines and blogs alike have called it: This will be one of the biggest trends in Summer 2021. 
Luckily for you, we’ve got a great selection of nail strips so you can fully indulge in the at-home nail trend, as well as try out new color and nail art trends for summer 2021! Get summer-ready with This Season’s Colors latest nail polish strips!

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