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Check Out Our Nail Polish Strips, Hair Tie Accessories & Craft Supplies
That Come In A Variety Of Designs And Colors!


Nail Polish Strips are convenience with style! Get salon-quality nails in just a quick one strip process. Includes 18 Double-ended strips with sizes for toes and petite nails for all ages.


Adhesive Felt Circles are your best friends when it comes to arts and crafts! Add them to your accessories, costumes or DIY projects to create a quick and professional finish.


No creases, no headaches, these Headband Hair Ties are perfect for all sizes thanks to the adjustable knot.
Wear one on your head, ponytail/bun or tie it around your wrist!


Who says hair ties are only for grownups? These hair ties are perfect for thinner hair, they’re comfortable and stylish. With ouch-less removal and a variety of colors, your little one will love accessorizing her hair with these!

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As you can see, we work super hard to bring joy and excitement to everyone who orders. Every single one of our orders comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re happy!

These were the best accessories part of my costume. The easy peel and amazing stick just made my costume hassle free. I wore these on a white shirt and white tutu. AMAZING ease of use and did not leave a sticky residue. I had them on for about 14 hours between work and taking the kids trick or treating. EXCELLENT product!

Teresa R.

Love these headbands! So comfortable and they stay in place! Exactly what I needed to keep flyaway hairs in place when my hair is in a ponytail.


I love these nail polish strips. They are actually polish strips, unlike the cruddy cheap ones that are just vinyl stickers. No bubbling, no peeling. Just a fantastic strip that dries down to real polish and lasts. I’ve bought four sets of This Season’s Colors and every set is great. Very pretty.

Jamison J.