The Power of Accessories To Create Community

Fashion is not just a means of wearing jewelry and accessories. It is the essence of your personality, style, and beliefs.

Today, fashion and accessories are bold, bright, and daring. They reflect the values and style of a culture that isn’t afraid to say what they think or wear what they want. 

But why does fashion matter? The simplest of answers is we all have to wear clothes. But it’s deeper than that. Fashion and accessories help us look good and, hey, that usually makes us feel better about ourselves and the world around us. 

But accessories aren’t just an individual expression. Accessories can connect and unite us!

While most of us use fashion and accessories for light-hearted fun, they can help us connect, build relationships, and bring unity into our communities with other women.

When we see people’s accessories, we see an expression of themselves! You can be out for a walk in the park and notice someone’s nails, jewelry, or bag. And from that brief interaction, you may be able to declare what type of style that person has. 

Or, you’re out and see someone wearing the same accessory as you. Instantly you feel a connection. That matching accessory can spark an entire conversation, and from there, you might realize that you and that person have more things in common than just the way you accessorize. That is the power of accessories.

Accessories are a bridge that takes us one step closer to who we want to be and who we want to connect with.

At This Season’s Colors, we believe that on-trend nail strips and hair accessories are a confidence-boosting, conversation-starting opportunity for women to connect and build relationships. 

And since we believe accessories are a powerful way to connect and build relationships, here are our top tips for accessorizing.

Top Tips for Accessorizing

1. When In Doubt, Add More

Consider adding some extra accessories to your everyday outfit. For example, a bold nail color can bring a simple outfit to life and create a sense of style and elegance.

And if your accessories are an expression of who you are, it really is almost impossible to wear too much.

2. Include Hair Accessories

Most of the time, we think of jewelry, bags, and scarves when we want to accessorize. But we’ve left out a category – hair accessories! It’s easy to see hair accessories and hair ties as a practical item used to keep our hair out of the way or neatly and simply pulled back. 

But there are so many ways to use hair accessories that create polished, sophisticated, romantic, and fun looks. The trick is to pair the right hair accessory with the right hairstyle. I’ve always loved using colorful hair elastic to create a low ponytail, classic, or messy bun. The hair tie adds a pop of color and shows off your personality with style.

3. Use Accessories Daily

Adding accessories isn’t something to only do on special occasions. Accessories can be added to your outfit every day. After you start accessorizing to show your personality and style, adding an accessory, or two, or three, will feel like a natural way to complete any outfit.

No matter what your day holds, consider wearing at least one accessory. Even if you’re working from home, and it’s just you and the keyboard, adding an accessory or two can make you feel confident and connected. 

There you have it! The power of accessories is that they reflect our soul’s inner workings as much as they tell the world how much we love what we’re wearing. Fashion and accessories bring us together. Our style makes us unique. Supporting each other makes us invincible!

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