How To Apply This Season's Colors Nail Strips

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Step By Step Guide To Applying Nail Strips

1. Prepare Yourself

Go to the bathroom.  Our 100% Nail Polish Strips do have a 2-3 hour cure time meaning it is best to apply them when you can pause from the things that are hard on your nails:  gardening, the dishes and the like.  Our Nail Strips can withstand it all after they are given the time to cure.   You don’t have to baby them during this time, as they are Smudge Proof,  just avoid submersion & using nails as tools.   

2. Prepare Your Nails

Our provided Glass Crystal File will be an important tool from beginning to end.  To start, use it to push back cuticles, buff nails and file the ends.   This promotes greater adhesion and longer lasting wear.  Sometimes nails can have moisturizer, sunscreen, oils and other things that prevent the strips from sealing to your nail.  Wash with Dawn soap or wipe tops and underneath nails with Prep Pad to Remove any oils or moisture.

To add ease when applying nail strips, apply them at a warmer temperature by rubbing the package back and forth with your hands heating them slightly through the friction.  If nail strips seem hard or brittle they may have been exposed to extreme temperatures during shipping.  

3. Choose The Right Size

When you’re ready to apply, open the package and choose the correct nail size working from pinky to thumb.  You’ll want to save your index finger and thumb for last as they can be used as application tools.

Finding the right size can be daunting! To accommodate all ages and nail sizes our Nail Strips include 18 double ended nail strips. When in doubt, go with a little larger strip lining it up on one side and removing the extra by pressing down along the other side of the nail with your thumbnail or nail tool.  With so many options, you can feel confident that you have the right size on hand for each nail.

4. Remove The Clear Cover

There is a protective plastic cover on the nail strips! It’s important to peel it off so that you can then easily peel the nail strip underneath.

5. Peel Nail Strip and Tear Off Tab

For longer nails simply peel selected nail strip from the top and tear off the tab at the bottom of the nail strip.

For shorter and medium length nails, cutting the strip in 1/2 before peeling off nail strip enables easy application for the same nail on your other hand.

As you peel your nail strip, try to touch the sticky side as little as possible. Keeping the strip sticky before you put it on your nail will help your new manicure last longer!

6. Place Strip Close to Cuticle

Align the bottom of the nail strip close, but not on, your cuticle.  Only reposition a couple of times.  This is where nail prep pays off, pre-pushed back cuticles = longer wear time.

Rub in a downward motion over tops, sides and edges of nail to press and smooth the strip into place.  Pinch the excess Nail Strip together and down at nail ends providing full coverage on sides and edge.

Getting a tight, wrinkle-free seal is the key to making your manicure look perfect and last long. As you apply nail strips to each finger, continue to go back through and press down on previously finished nails to ensure a tight seal and prevent any peeling.

7. Remove Excess

Once nail strip is placed and secured the extra piece can be removed and used for adjacent nails or toes.

Use the included glass crystal nail file or your thumbnail to wrap the nail strip under the nail and create the tip.  Then gently file downward to remove excess.  This ensures that the edges will remain sealed as the nail strip cures and contracts a bit.  

The glass crystal file can also be used to file around the tip of your nail allowing the removal of the excess strip with a gentle tug.  It is crucial to only file in a downward motion. Don’t file side to side or upwards because it stops the strip from sealing with your nail.  

Be forgiving when applying, just like liquid nail polish, the strips will not adhere to your skin, every piece does not need to be removed immediately and will naturally come off.

Continue to go back through and press down on previously finished nails to ensure a tight seal and prevent any peeling.

Tips & Tricks
  • Run out of larger sizes for your 2nd pedicure? Our nail strips can also be layered and will seal together when applied at the same time.  For kiddos or smaller toes turn nail strips sideways for maximum usage.  
  • Add your favorite top coat or one of our Transparent Nail Polish Strips to add on 5+ days of nail wear.
  • To keep nails looking great throughout the week gently file the ends every few days.  As your nails grow, simply clip the ends to achieve a fresh manicure.  If a significant chip occurs, repair with one of the remaining strips
  • Place all remaining nail strip pieces back into the clear packaging and seal with a curling iron or other heat source for later use.  
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