Love is in the Air

Valentine’s day (insert sighs..) It might be the tangible feeling of love that is in the air, or the flower bouquets at every corner that remind of the promise of the spring that is shortly approaching. Maybe it’s the enthusiasm of the seasons to go out of our way to make a certain someone feel loved. Maybe it’s all the things…

Valentine’s day has easily become one of our favorite holidays, even the smallest of acts can make anyone feel loved and appreciated. 

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentines than with a sweet and simple (pink and red, of course!) craft. Let’s take the holiday cheer to our front door with this cute wood heart hanger. 

Our red and pink sticky felt circles make this craft so simple. No need for messy glue! All you need is a wooden heart (I found ours at Michael’s Craft Store, but you can also find them on Amazon) 2 bags of 1.5” Red Adhesive Felt Circles, 1 bag of 1.5” Pink Adhesive Felt Circles and a sticker or decal with your festive word of choice.

Gather Supplies

Wooden heart 

2 bags of 1.5″ Red Adhesive Felt Circles

1 bag of 1.5″ Pink Adhesive Felt Circles

“Love” Sticker

This craft is as simple as “cover the heart with red circles and sprinkle a few pink ones over the red ones”, place and stick your sticker with your word of choice and Voila! My little loves (who are 4 and 2) cannot keep their eyes (and hands) off this precious little heart.

Start by peeling off the backing of a Red Felt Circle.

Place on the edge of the wooden heart just enough to cover the wood.

Repeat until the whole heart is covered with Red Felt Circles.

Accent with any other color of Felt Circle.

We have chosen Light Pink, but you could also use the Hot Pink, Purple, White or Black Felt Circles we carry.

Place your “Love” or word of your choice decal on top.

❤️ Raquel & This Season’s Colors’ Team

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