Headband Hair Tie Tutorials with Stylist Miranda Ulven

Get to know our TOP SELLING Hair Accessory: Headband Hair Ties. Join our incredible stylist, Miranda Ulven, as she takes you through a variety of hair styles through a series of You Tube tutorials. The options are ENDLESS! Miranda has shown us each step using our Headband Hair Ties for a Classic Ponytail, Classic Headband, Space Buns, Classic Braid, Half Up Flip and Messy Bun. See colors and sizes showcased and receive tips on what colors and how to wear them.

See ALL 7 STYLES by scrolling for Individual clips and step by step directions

Receive color tips based on your hair color and the statement you want to make! Also, begin to learn about our two different Headband sizes: Extended & Classic and see our Neutral Colored Headband Hair Ties up close.

Who doesn’t love a good pony that stays in place and is gentle on the hair? See how with our Headband Hair Ties you are able to create the Perfect Custom Ponytail for you with NO BREAKAGE!

We have HEARD your feedback and the Extended sized Headband Hair Tie was created! See how Miranda styles it for workout or casual with no worry of indents, creases or a headache!

Miranda makes this look so easy! Add some fun and bounce to your style with this Space Bun tutorial. Sizes and Colors can easily be mixed and matched to achieve this look.

A Headband Hair Tie for a braid? Yes, our headbands can be wrapped to secure even the smallest amount of hair. Extend it out to make a statement or layer it up to keep it small.

Watch as Miranda shows us how easily a Half-Up do can be Flipped to create this Elegant Style. All the while your ponytail remains secure.

Our Final style by Miranda is the Messy Bun. With the stretch of our Headband Hair Ties, you can decide how Loose or Tight you want your bun to be!

Thank you for joining us and our amazingly talented stylist and friend, Miranda Ulven! For more information See all of our current Headband Hair Ties Colors & Sizes links below! ❤️ Angela & This Season’s Colors’ Team

Solid Brown Headband Hair Ties

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