DIY Essential Oil Deodorizing Pads

DIY Essential Oil Deodorizing Pads

w/ Adhesive Felt Circles

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Who knew our Adhesive Felt Circles were good for more than just cute costumes and professional finishes? Thanks for our clever friends, our Felt Circles are being put to work to Naturally Refresh all over the house! The 100% Polyester of the Felt Circle holds in the Essential Oil and its smell nicely. We have showcased Young Living oils here, but any of your favorites will work: doTerra, Eden’s Garden or Amazon. Any of our Felt Circle Stickers will work too, the Larger the size the more oil it can hold. Today we are showing the Lemon, Purification and Peppermint oils, but feel free to customize Your Oil based on the results you are looking for! See our how to video for a quick overview.

DIRECTIONS: Drop & Stick

Yes, that’s it, drop however many drops of oils on your Felt Circle pad,

~We used 7 drops for our 1.5″ Circles; more drops = stronger smell

Then Simply peel off the backing of the sticker and place it where you want it.

Lemon Essential Oil Freshens & Cleans:

It has been a welcome surprise to open cabinet doors and receive a burst of lemon. Young Living describes it: “Lemon essential oil has a fresh, uplifting aroma that cleanses the air and eliminates odors”. It truly is an easy way to Freshen things up!

Purification Essential Oil Deodorizes:

Next, comes the worst smelling locations. These oils are not miracle workers, but they have minimized the smell without adding an artificial one on top of it. It also just makes us feel better that at least we are trying! Depending on your level of stink, spread those Oil Felt Circles all around. We especially like to apply towards the bottom where the odors can really accumulate.

Peppermint Essential Oil Odor Fighter:

Peppermint in your shoes or in the cleaning closet will help fight mildew and combat odor as well! This allergen destroyer is handy for foot odor and our Adhesive Felt Circles are thin enough, you won’t even notice they are there!

Still haven’t competed your Spring Cleaning? Grab a pack of Felt Circles and your favorite Oil and you’re on your way!

Thank you for learning something new with us today! We are THRILLED to have your ideas on how to use our products! Please keep them coming!

❤️ Angela & This Season’s Colors’ Team

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