5 Steps to Self Care

Self-care contributes to overall health in mind, body and soul. It’s not silly to see a manicure as the entry point to REST if the space you’ve created in making that time also allows your body to unwind, mind to decompress and provides space to relax! Self care comes in many forms and is so individual to your needs for your own physical, mental and spiritual health. Today we want to help give some steps of how to self-care, giving you an essential tool to rest! And if you make it to the end, we have something special in store for YOU, just for showing up! Let Self-Care September commence….

Step One: Create Space!

Much of the time, deep rest comes from stepping outside of your normal routine, surroundings, or ‘typical’ space. Starting off on a walk, sitting on your porch, drawing a bath, or getting away somewhere special are some ideas of how to step outside of your physical and mental ‘norm’ to carve intentional self-care space.

Step Two: REST

Find your place to be still. You can use a portable Foot Spa, add this step to a bath or fill up a rectangular bin with Hot water. Light a candle or have your favorite scent nearby. Take a deep breath as you allow your mind to clear. Self-care is a great tool to create space to be a little more still and take care of yourself too. So much of what we carry is in our feet; soak your toes in the hot water and feel your skin and stress soften.

Step Three: Remove

Whether it’s your dry skin, month-old polish, or simply leaving the dishes behind – clearing your mind (or nails) to jump into a ‘fresh start’ will allow your rest to penetrate more deeply as you soak in your set-apart time, or prep your skin, nails, or mind to be refreshed. We love our exfoliating scrubs and masks for their ability to exfoliate and soften while smelling and feeling Amazing!

Step Four: Restore

What’s your favorite way to treat yourself? Or what feels special and different then your ‘norm?’ Use that special moisturizer; Paint your nails; Treat yourself in a way that allows you to feel like royalty for a minute. You DESERVE it!

When we really want to feel fancy we bring out the French Diagonal Rhinestone Nail Strips.

Step Five: ENJOY!

Celebrate that you took the time to take care of yourself, breathe a little deeper, and try to bring that feeling into the rest of your day. Congrats – self care is a great tool to all encompassing health! It may be a baby step to find a routine for it, but our challenge is to use an excuse on us of Self-Care September and give it a weekly go! We want to empower You in Self Care SO much in fact that our Beauty Counter Consultant has gifted us part of a special self-care basket that we can’t WAIT to give away this month! (More to come…stay tuned through our Socials!!

❤️ Erin & This Season’s Colors’ Team

Create Space, Rest, Remove, Restore, Enjoy.

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